Welcome to Cords Canada Ltd. We're your friendly, knowledgeable, best source for industrial fasteners and components in nylon, other plastics, metals, and other materials. Cords is the exclusive and/or prime distributor for many top industrial brands such as Heyco, StockCap, Thogus, Gripworks, Visipak, Euro-matic, Associated Plastics, Arkplas, Bruce Plastics, Dek, Fastex, Multi-Tech, Niagara Plastics, Outwater Plastics, Richco, Micro Plastics, Spherics, Thomas & Betts, Dennison, Cluthé, Davies Knobs, Nyltite, Shear-Loc, Tyton, and Wieland, to name a few. Almost all of our lines are ISO and RoHS certified.

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A quick sampling of our products includes: Liquid Tight Connectors , Spacers , Washers, Permanent and Releasable Cable Ties , Strain Reliefs , Fasteners, Plugs, Bushings & Grommets of all kinds , Bumpers, Screw-in / Push-in / Adhesive Clips, Hose and Cable Clamps, Clamshell Packaging, Tubing & Conduit, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Masking Products, Hollow & Solid Balls, Terminal Blocks, Display Products, Packaging Tubes, and the list goes on. We carry literally millions of parts for companies large and small in almost every industry, including electrical, electronic, display merchandising, computer, agricultural, furniture, chemical, food processing, white goods, HVAC, hospitals, government, entrepreneurial, and many more.