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About us

Who we are

Cords Canada is an all-Canadian company that has served the industrial marketplace for almost 75 years. We supply quality products and superior customer service to all industries, small and large, across North America and beyond.

Founded in 1947 by Larry Caplan, Cords Canada Ltd. originally made its name as Canada's premier electric cord manufacturer, producing power supply cords for appliances, tools, electronic equipment, etc. Cords was the originator of most of the automated processes still used today.

The National Industrial Council honoured us with Design Awards for our innovative (and beautiful) kettle cord plugs, trouble light handles and grounded attachment plugs. The Tridget, a Cords Canada invention, was a three-way connector one-third the size of those made at the time; it became the model for those in use today.

In 1973, Cords sold off its manufacturing facilities so that it could concentrate on its business of distributing and sourcing plastic components. Cords' presence in this field has been and continues to be a major contributing factor to the acceptance and use of plastic parts in industry throughout the continent. The company is still privately run to this day and is currently being helmed by the second generation of the Caplan family.

Our Services

Some of our customers say we're magicians and "source-erers". When they don't see what they need in our catalogues or can't find it elsewhere on their own, they ask us and we hunt it down for them. This is where our service is unique in the industry.

If you aren't certain what part you require, describe your application and we'll try to come up with something. The answer might be inexpensive custom tooling, or even a referral to another source.

Once we've found the part you need, you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of our company. We'll make sure your parts are where you want them, when you want them, and always with a smile.

Our Products

Cords is a major supplier of industrial components for almost every imaginable application. In fact, we carry literally millions of parts for a broad range of industries in Canada and elsewhere. Sectors using our products include agricultural, electronics, computers, electrical, communications, furniture, chemical and allied companies, metal fabricating, food processing, machine shops, display merchandising, white goods, heating and air conditioning, hospitals, governments, entrepreneurs and many more.

For fifty-five years, Cords Canada was the exclusive Canadian distributor for the well-known Heyco line of ISO 9001-certified products. Heyco is a pioneer of quality products for the electrical and electronic industries; as they have begun expanding their distributor base throughout North America recently, we are still their number one distributor in Canada.

Cords is also the exclusive Canadian distributor of Associated Plastics twist ties, Euro-matic hollow balls, Thogus tube and hose fittings, StockCap vinyl dip moulded products, and Visipak clamshell packaging.

For a more detailed listing of many of the lines we carry and access to our supplier catalogues, please go to the Catalogues/Line Card link on the navigation bar.