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What's New at Cords Canada

Here are some of our latest offerings. For more information on any of them, please call, email, or fax us.


Heyco® Nylon Cable Ties


Regular Nytyes

  • Smooth, radiused edges ensure that Nytyes won't cut into the cable's insulation—or the installer's hand.
  • One-piece design reduces cost and installation time.
  • Nytyes feature a bent tip for ease of pickup and insertion around small bundles. V-shaped raised ridges on the tip provide a sure grip.
  • Close, evenly spaced teeth permit fine adjustment—from .025" (0,6 mm) on the smallest Nytyes to .063" (1,6 mm) on the largest.

Screw Mountable Nytyes

  • Molded-in screw hole mount provides one-piece mounting and bundling.
  • Mounting screws not included.

Push Mountable Nytyes

  • Snap quickly into holes with only fingertip pressure.
  • Provide one-piece mounting and bundling.
  • Hold securely in panels up to 1/8" (3,2 mm) thick.

Quick Specs

Material: Nylon 6/6
Certifications: Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File E54523
Flammability Rating: 94V-2
Temperature Rating: 185°F (85°F)

Heyco® Beaded Ties - Polyethylene


Polyethylene - For Flexibility

  • Releasable and reusable ties for easy bundling, closing, bagging, holding, and tying.
  • Polyethylene for high flexibility and moderate strength.
  • Multiple sizes for bundles up to 3" (76,0 mm) diameter.

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