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A selection of both Solid and Hollow Balls available in a range of materials including: PP, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon, and Acrylic. Utilized in various applications and industries.


Bushings and Grommets

Bushings convert raw-edged holes to smooth, neat, insulated ones. Grommets protect tubes, wires and cables from fraying or being cut by sharp panel edges.


Caps, Plugs, Glides and Protectors

A full selection of caps, plugs, glides and protectors for many types of applications.


Clamps and Clips

Non-metallic clamps and clips to hold, fasten and support. Including tree clips, cable clamps, hose clamps. Featuring push to mount, adhesive, and screw mounting. 


Display Products

Hooks, hinges, clips, post & screws, screw covers, knobs, thumb screw knobs for product display applications.


Feet and Bumpers

Feet and Bumpers in various styles, sizes and materials. Use them as spacers, feet, cushions, protectors, vibration and shock absorbers


Liquid Tight Connectors, Conduit and Fittings

A wide range of Heyco liquid tight connectors, conduit and fittings. In various styles and materials.


Push-in Fasteners and Rivets

Non-metallic fasteners useful for joining plastic, light sheet metal, and insulating material. May be used as glides, bumpers, and hole plugs.


Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Large selection of Molded Nylon screws, nuts and bolts. Inch and Metric sizes, also threaded rod, thumb screws, locknuts, expansion nuts and wing nuts


Spacers and Supports

Nylon spacers and supports, in various cross sectional shapes and lengths. Often used in electrical and electronic applications.

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Strain Reliefs

A range of strain reliefs for cable and wire retension. Feature Heyco strain relief bushings, Lockit strain reliefs and Snap-in Cordgrips.



Line of versatile self-locking nylon cable ties for standard and heavy duty, regular and mounting applications., bundle from 1/16" to 15" diameters.


Tube and Hose Fittings

Non-metallic selection of various styles of tube fittings, pipe fittings, miniature fittings. Both barbed and threaded.



Non-metallic washers in Nylon, PVC, Teflon, Acetal, Fibre, designed for a range of applications and environments

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Wire Management

A selection of non -metallic products for organizing and managing wires and cables.

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